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Melting the Stress away
January 15, 2011, 1:00 pm
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Today I made the easiest, most delicious dinner sanwich of all time. Since I moved to LA for college, I have bee a fan of the sandwich melt shop, Philippes. They have many healthy options, but all are filling and delicious.

The family I cook for is working on balancing out their carbs and proteins. The dad actually has ADHD, and he also gets extraordinarily tired when he has too many carbs. According to the Zone diet that they want to follow, they are having me make food that has about 9 carbs for every 7 proteins. Woops, I am pretty sure I personally have a carb fetish and would prefer to dominate the carbs at all times. The pizza and enchiladas both overpower the carbs and minimize the proteins…

Here’s the good news, for all sandwich-loving zone-dieters: this French dip sandwich has about 39 carbs and 31 protein!

I got these sandwich rolls from the bakery section of Albertsons. They were light and delicious!

  • Use three slices of meat (roast beef, turkey, or lamb)
  • 1 slice of provologne cheese, cut in half
  • 1 can of  beef consomme
  • Mustard of choice (optional)

Slice the bread rolls in half, and place them in the broiler with the cheese on top. Be careful about the rolls- they could be done toasting in all o f 30 seconds.

In a medium sauce pan, heat the beef consomme over the stove, and add one can full of water. Once the consomme is hot, place the meat slices in the mixture. Place the meat on the cheesey bread, add mustard if you like. We kept a little bowl of dip on the side to dip the sandwich in as we ate.

With a bowl of fruit salad on the side, this is the most ideal 10-minute meal for a Friday evening. 39 carbs, 31 proteins and all the week’s stress just melts away with the provologne.

Lesson of the week:

The dad asked me what I have learned so far as their cook. The biggest thing I have been learning, aside from all the theological and ecclesiological discussions with him, is timing. This is my third part-time job, and I need to be done cooking within an hour to get to my second one on time. Also, after preparing for class and searching for full-time accounting jobs, I don’t have the energy for anything more. Being in a new house with new rules and interests has been a adaptation challenge, and definitely slowed me down. I need to balance grocery-shopping, recipe-hunting, and diet-following every evening, or else fall down a slippery slope of time loss. Now that it is the weekend, I will just add a few minutes of recipe research, and the week should be golden.


The New Cook in Town
January 7, 2011, 2:00 pm
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This is the first of hundreds of recipes I plan to share. I have started cooking for a family too busy to cook, but too health- and wallet- conscious to keep eating out every night. Grocery shopping and trying new recipes are a couple hobbies I enjoy but can’t afford to do on my own yet. Now I get paid to practice both every day!

To practice on my own, I made a meal for my apartment. I found a curry season packet at Raph’s, so I made curry chicken and rice with potatoes and bell peppers:

First of all, I always boil chicken in water to defrost and tenderize it. The recipe was very simply explained on the curry seasoning packet, but I used coconut milk instead of water and added some potatoes for texture. With brown rice, this made a filling, delicious meal for my roommates and me!

Then, crepes for dessert:

I got the recipe here: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Vanilla-Crepes/Detail.aspx.

All you need is milk, egg yolks, vanilla, flour, sugar, salt, adn butter. We spread nutella inside, and sprinkled powdered sugar on top. Very simple and delicious!

Day 1 of cooking on the job for the family, I made a simple chicken Parmesan recipe, to make a  Parmesan chicken salad:

  • 10 chicken breasts
  • 2 cups parmesan cheese
  • 2 packets dry Italian salad dressing mix
  • 4 cloves garlic
  • 1 cup oil

Preheat oven to 400, and just mix together the garlic, Italian mix, and cheese in a medium-sized bowl. Dip each defrosted chicken breast in oil, and press into the cheese mix. Bake the chicken on a greased pan for about 40 minutes, or until the chicken is thoroughly cooked.

Day 2, made pineapple pizza and used some of the leftover chicken from the night before.

The crust was very quick and easy to make: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Quick-and-Easy-Pizza-Crust/Detail.aspx

I added a lot of spices to the crust, and after laying out the crust on the pizza stone, i brushed oil with garlic powder over the surface. I also sprinkled some extra salt over the crust to keep the flavors interesting. The pineapple contrasted the parmesan chicken flavor perfectly! Add salad to the meal, and it’s pretty decent!

More to come. I plan to make some of these desserts for the family as well:

Fine print
December 28, 2010, 12:41 am
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It’s only in the tiny posted date that the difference of numbers is revealed. These three months have beheld more significance than those hidden numbers could ever know.

I have not changed much, from the person I was in springtime. Although, I have become more passionate about adoption, and I have a car. Also, I have beaten the highest records for two different tetris games.

Why was Christmas this year so ungratifying? Those horror stories about families at Christmastime seemed to have foretold this year’s Christmas for my family. The kind of drama that makes a total straightedge pull out the bottle!

Goals for the rest of this winter break:

  • Biking and swimming nonstop
  • Job-searching like hell is chasing my bank account
  • Create and give: music, arts, and time
  • Sell crocheted goods
  • Spend time with Jesus
  • Continue to forget what is behind, and press on toward the goal of the upward calling of God in Christ Jesus, in every task and opportunity

I now end with a MeWithoutYou lyrical experience:

Why burn poor and lonely under a bowl or under a lampshade

Or on the shelf beside the bed

Where at night you lay turning like a door on its hinges?

First on your left side, then on your right side.. then your left side again.

Why burn poor and lonely?

Tell all the stones we’re gonna make a building…

We’ll be cut into shape and set into place

Or if you’d rather be a window, I’ll gladly be the frame,

Reflecting any kind words, we’ll let in all their blame…

And ruin our reputation all the same.

Se never mind our plan making, we’ll start living…

Anyway, aren’t you unbearably sad?

Then why burn so poor and lonely?

We’ll be like torches!

We’ll be like torches!

We’ll be like torches… OH!!

We’ll be torchest together… TORCHES TOGETHER

We’ll be like torches… with whatever respect our tattered dignity demands,

Torches together, hand in hand

Why pluck one string… what good is just one note?

Oh, one string sounds fine, I guess… but we were once ‘one notes’,

We were lonely wheat quietly ground into grain…

What light and momentary pain!

So why the safe distance, this curious look?

Why tear out the single pages when you can throw away the book?

Why pluck one string when you can strum the guitar?

Strum the guitar!

Strum the guitar… with no beginning, with no end.

Take down the guitar and strum the guitar!

Strum the guitar if you’re afraid.

And I’m afraid and everyone’s afraid and everyone knows it,

But we don’t have to be afraid anymore.

You played the flute, but no one was dancing,

You sang a sad song.. but none of us cried.

you played the flute, but no one was dancing,

And you sang a sad song… you sang such a sad song.

What a glorious feeling

Day #1 without Coffee
August 30, 2010, 8:07 am
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For the next 2 weeks, until September 12, I have sworn off coffee from my daily consumption. It’s time to make changes for the better, for my body.

I am a coffee addict. I am a huge fan of a good cup to start the day, of the scents and the sounds of the brew. However, some good things should be put on hold for the sake of honoring what is better. I want to train myself to wake early to be excited about new life in Scripture, not in another cup of coffee.

Doing homework at Starbucks yesterday, I assumed that my normal intake of coffee would help me in doing my homework. Unfortunately, I only experienced increased anxiety, and could not help but heighten all internal concerns about everything uncertain in my life.

After severe distraction from my book-reading, I was hit by the beauty and truth of hymns sung in communion with my peers and fellow believers. It was there that I realized I need to take a handle on myself, and start my semester with more consistency and motivation to fee my soul, rather than my appetite.

After morning #1 of coffee-free Bible reading, I remember that as a Christ-follower, it is necessary to turn away from idols in order to turn to Christ and wait on His presence (1Thess. 1:9-10). May this be a good step toward recognizing idolatry in my life, and moving toward true love. Capturing beauty doesn’t require idolizing beautiful things.

All that Time
June 20, 2010, 7:32 am
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While there have been countless opportunities for me to pursue something that reflects who I am, I have not ever felt more myself than now. Sure, there are conversations to be had, and a bridge to be repaired, but so far, being in a relationship with Jonathan makes me finally feel like I am on my way home.

I have always felt like something was weird about the word “home.” At the first house I remember living in, the one we lived in for 10 years, I constantly felt like I wanted to “go home” even when I was already there. And even though I had friends in my neighborhood, and I loved my neighbors’ pets, I was always ready for the adventure of moving to a different place, maybe a place that felt like home. Now that I am in college, I feel comfortable saying that San Diego is “home,” but more like a home base than home. And really, Biola is also home to me.

I have a whole playlist in iTunes for songs that pursue the concept of home, only because I am searching for anyone’s discoveries of  the meaning of home, that will help me understand where home really is for me.

For the search, Simon and Garfunkle have it right:

Tonight I’ll sing my songs again

I’ll play the game and pretend

But all my words come back to me

In shades of mediocrity

Like emptiness in harmony

I need someone to comfort me

Homeward bound, I wish I was

Homeward bound

Songs have always helped me, but sometimes when I never feel at home, the songs only reflect a sad mediocrity. So then, for the songs that discover home, I have Paul Simon’s “That’s Where I belong”:

When I see you smiling
When I hear you singing
Lavender and roses
Every ending a beginning

That’s the way it is
I don’t know why
Ay ay ay
But that’s where I belong

So, in my last post I was searching for my true feelings. I wanted to be certain about Jon’s. I wanted to be certain of our families’ approval. I had a long conversation with my mom, his mom (Momma Sue), and finally, with him. And then I had a conversation with him every night to follow until he came to see me again. And on Sunday when he asked me to be his girlfriend, it was crazy. Crazy in a good way, for the peace I felt, moreso than I have ever felt before. Crazy for the ways that we connected on so many levels, afterso many years of knowing each other. (Something like 21 years, since that is how long I have been alive in the church we have both always gone to!)

There are so many conversations to be had, and so many things I am excited to pursue with him. We are going to read a Charles Williams book together, and I am planning to visit him in Japan where he is stationed.

So here is a  picture or two that seem to reflect how perfect we are for each other so far: Looking adventurous, looking happy, and one picture of us holding the crocheted monkey that I made for Jon, which we appropriately named Yawn.

The First Week of Summer.
June 4, 2010, 2:03 pm
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Making couch pillow_wedding gift

I am at my parents’ house this week for the wedding of one of my best friends. It is a beautiful union. I have been very sick. Our other best friend flew here from Texas with her husband and baby boy. I was in bed for more hours than I can count this week.

I’m so happy for my friends!

March 14, 2010, 1:39 am
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Thanks to Andrea, I am left speechless by this beauty:

Actually I have found a new spot to promote the creative genius of crochet: ravelry.com

My account name on the site is shareshare (just like on etsy.com)

I found this pattern for a hat that I made for my roommate’s mom, who always takes good care of us! I used blue Caron One Lb. yarn, and followed this pattern: Divine hat. My laptop’s webcam is such bad quality, but here is how mine turned out! And included are two other scarves I’ve been working on.